Ever since LMA was established in 1975, we’ve enjoyed the privilege of working on a wide range of projects with leading developers, corporate, public, and private clients on the Santa Barbara South Coast. We maintain a general architectural practice offering complete architectural and planning services, interior space planning and programming, while employing knowledgeable consultants in related engineering, planning and environmental fields.

The majority of our work is in Southern California, in communities where there is a recognized concern for the quality and style of architecture that defines our unique ‘built’ environment. The positive response to our projects, many located in communities with high design standards, is a tribute not just to our successful interpretation of those standards but also to our leadership in advancing the design values that set us apart. While the firm takes great pride in the recognition of its work, the highest testament to the efficacy of an organization comes from satisfied clients. LMA is proud of its tradition of returning clients and the wide range of projects we’ve successfully undertaken through the years.

LMA is committed to providing architecture shaped by the blending of technical analysis and artful expression. From its inception, the firm has engaged in projects large and small, focusing our expertise in the continually changing and complex regulatory environment requiring governmental review and approval, seeking innovative approaches to difficult problems, and keeping pace with the evolving technology of new materials and construction.

LMA believes that every design project is unique, which demands a thorough understanding of the client’s specific needs. As problem solvers, we identify and translate those needs into a creative and carefully crafted design solution within the parameters established by the client, the site, and the community at large. Innovation and successful design does not take place in a vacuum. It emerges from a variety of sources and influences but most notably, from our active involvement with the client.